YEAR: 2012


This project was based on the concepts of a more dynamic educational system through the disposition of space and plasticity as well as practicality with simple and easy to perform elements. It is designing a building that provides the integration of the local and adjacent communities through the use of spaces.
 The project presented several contexts on the appropriation of space and design of the environments according to the user's need in a multidisciplinary way.

It was thought in the design of space, elements that compose the façade and structure, as well as plans that make the building more sustainable. Designing is thinking about why and for that of each space to achieve a good result. It's not to do something that comes out of nowhere, but to seek the intrinsic of things. It is to ensure that we can use our knowledge to make a better and higher quality future.

SCHOOL 1.1.png

Some of the main points that can be analyzed in the creation process are:

-Visual interaction

-Orthogonal mesh for easier execution.

-Positioning of the blocks



-The uses intended for students and community are auditorium, library, and multi-sport court. The equipment can be used at times when the school is not used and will have limited access.


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